Promotional material designed for a music event I co-ordinate with a friend.

Stormcrowd Business Cards

Designed for a media consultancy Stormcrowd for which I also designed the logo.

WeaponsGrade Business Cards

Business cards designed for WeaponsGrade Recordings

Dropworx Cd Cover Design

An electronic cd cover design and logo I designed for new breaks artists Dropworx and their first single.

Mix Album Concept

This self-directed brief addresses a concept for a set of mix albums containing three different genres of music. The inner sleeve design is also different for each album. It is a geometric representation of the mix. 1° of the circle represents a set proportion of time, which will differ from one album to another. I mapped out each song’s starting point and finishing point, including when the songs overlap, to create the unique geometric shape to the whole mix.

YurtsUp - Website design for Events company

I designed this website for my events company. Looking forward to balancing the two differnet lines of work!!

5D - Website design

Website design for a new form of audience engagement software.

Weaponsgrade - Record Label Website

A website I designed for a record label Weaponsgrade to be launched later this year. Logo design by Henry Buckle of "Conspicuous designs"

Morello Restaurant - Website

This website was designed by myself and developed by Henry Buckle of "Conspicuous Designs" for a very good restaurant Morello, based in Matfield, Kent.

Doris - logo design for an NHS associated service

The Doris logo was produced for an online information service for the NHS. Doris acts as an assistant for employees within a General Practice. It enables them to retreive details or fill out relevant documents relevant to a particular task at hand.

BearBeats Logo - Logo for music artist

A logo based on the background story of the producer's grandfather, who trained a bear whilst he was in the Polish army. This logo was produced in association with Joe Holbrook

Stormcrowd - logo design for a media consultancy

Avatar logo design for "Stormcrowd"

YurtsUp - logo design for my events business

YurtsUp logo - my own business adventures. YurtsUp provides a unique environment for any occassion

Dupe - logo design for music artist

The Dupe logo is still subject to some minor tweaks but wil be used as a new logo for the music artist that is Dropworx.

Bath08 Music Festival - billboard advertisement

A project I headed with a fellow student Chris Wharton in Bath. We developed a modular advertising scheme for the Bath 08 music festival that surrounded the new Southgate development in the South of the city. The design below is my contribution to one of ten designs featured in the advertisement that Chris Wharton and I co-ordinated.

Music Promotion - flyer advertising a Dj evening

A flyer I produced with Joe Holbrook, who is a very good illustrator and fine artist!

Exhibition Promotion - flyer designed to advertise a chair exhibition

The ‘Mini-chair flyer’ was designed in response to being asked to promote a chair exhibition called ‘Legs,’ devised by Joyanne Horscroft and Julie Wilkinson. It was handed out in town in its flat business card format to pedestrians and shops and included instructions on the back so people could make their own mini-chair.
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Since graduating from Bath Spa University with a first class honours in Graphic Design I have been keeping myself busy with a steady stream of freelance work. My work explores an extensive range of design disciplines, which has expanded my imagination and approach towards finding appropriate and exciting design solutions.

I work across a broad range of design, from identity, print and typographic design to interactive and website design. I have competent computer skills in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. I also know basic After Affects and Flash scripting. I am an enthusiastic, positive and inspiring designer who likes to work hard and get a job done well.

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